For the impatient

There are basically two methods to upload files to the web directory: copy the files with FTP or SCP using a dedicated program or use the Windows build-in webdav capabilities to upload the files.

Method 1: use SFTP or SCP

A file transfer program is used to transfer the website from your computer to the server. The website is immediately accessible once the files are copied into your website directory.
Any file tranfer program supporting SCP or SFTP will do. Some examples of such programs are listed in the download section. Notice also that most website editors provide a built-in function to tranfer the files.

Here an example using WinSCP: WinSCP

Method 2: use webdav

The webdav (webfolder) address for a website is:<your domain name>/

For example for the sleepyowl website, the webdav address would be:

The domain name is without the www prefix.

The webdav method should be preferred and is very simple to setup and use. See the support section for webdav for the instructions.