SleepyOwl Proxy service

proxy A proxy acts on behalf of a client and forwards requests back and forth between a client and a server. Specifically the client does not asks a web page directly to the destination server, but instead asks the proxy to forward the request for him. The proxy will then get the content and send it back to the client, for example to your firefox browser.
The proxy service provided by SleepyOwl is intended to help you by-pass any local restriction like firewall or blocking filter. The proxy can also be used to protect your browsing traffic if your connection is not trusted, for example on a public WLAN hot-spot.
There are two methods available: the first method uses the HTTP proxy over an encrypted tunnel, the second method uses a special proxy web page.

This is not a public service, you need your SleepyOwl credentials.

Method 1: full proxy over ssh

The preferred method to use the proxy is to tunnel the traffic over an ssh connection and then simply select "localhost:8080" as proxy server. This way the traffic is automatically encrypted, all sites will work properly and will be reasonably fast. You will be prompted for your SleepyOwl login and password at the first connection. This is very simple, there are only two steps:
  1. Create an SSH tunnel. For this simply click this SSH terminal link (java plugin required), wait until the terminal opens and login with your SleepyOwl credentials. Let the terminal open as long as you need the proxy.
  2. Use the proxy over the tunnel. For this simply select the proxy "localhost" with port "8080" on your navigator. For example on Firefox do:
    • Open Menu "Tools" -> select "Options"
    • Button "Advanced" (top right) -> Select tab "Network" -> and then "Settings"
    • Select "Manual proxy configuration" and use the proxy "localhost" with port "8080"
    • Keep this window open while the ssh terminal and proxy are in use.
The firefox extension Foxyproxy makes it easy to switch between no or different proxy settings.

Method 2: use the website proxy

In case the ssh connection is blocked by the firewall, a special web page can help you surf the Internet without filters. The connection is also encrypted (provided you use the https:// address) and have good chances to work. However this method does not always work well with web sites using complex javascript or flash animations. Also this method is much slower than the direct proxy connection over ssh. There is no configuration required from your part. Simply use the web proxy (login required) with your SleepyOwl credentials.

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