backup SleepyOwl provides a simple and convenient backup service for your data on the server.
The backup request is started in the section Admin > Backup. The server will archive and compress the requested section and send you and email when the backups are ready to download. The requested backups are kept ready to download for three days.

The users files are divided in three categories: mails, files and webs: The backups are stored as a so called "compressed tar archive" (tar.gz or tgz).

What is a .tar.gz file?

The backup files have the .tar.gz or .tgz extension. Those are compressed tape archive and contain the files in the same format and directory structure as on the server. Most common archive programs can read the .tar.gz format. You can try the 7-Zip open source software on Windows.

Mails backup

The mails are stored into mailboxes using a special format on the server. As there is no Windows or other client program able to interpret this format, the mailboxes in the backup are converted to the standard Unix "mbox" format. Most mail clients can deal with this format. For example with Thunderbird, simply copy the mailboxes into your Thunderbird profile in the directory "Mail/Local Folders". Your Thunderbird profile is usually located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURLOGIN\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\xyz123.default.
Notice that the directory "Application Data" is hidden, so to access it, you will have to either enter its name in the address bar or change the Windows explorer options to make hidden folders visible.