Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy

Violations will lead to cancelation of your account, at the least.
  1. Your Responsibilities. You are solely responsible for the content of Your messages. You are also responsible for timely payment of the service charges for Your account, lack of payment of which is cause for termination of Service, without notice by Us to You.

  2. Spamming is prohibited. We will determine in our sole discretion whether any of the messages You send are unsolicited email or "spam". For Your information, spamming is generally deemed to include sending any form of email that can be interpreted as junk email or bulk email that the recipient has not specifically requested from You. We reserve the right to take any legal and technical remedies available to prevent You from sending spam using the Services. If You send any spam using the Services We may terminate Your account, without notice, and may exercise any other remedies available to Us.

  3. System Abuse is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of CPU resources or memory, installing IRC bots, CGI scripts sharing with domains outside of Our, mass emails (i.e. 200 or more email messages per day), or using disproportionate amount of system resources for CGI Scripts. We will determine what constitutes system abuse.

  4. Rules relating to minors. If You are under the age of 18 You may not subscribe for the Services. We will terminate any account where we determine that the subscriber is underage.