Webmail The biggest advantage of a webmail service is that you can access your mailbox from anywhere in the world using a normal web browser. Also if the account is using Imap, all of your old mail and folders will also be available through the web interface. Basically, you can read and write your emails from any computer connected to the internet, whether it's at an Internet café in Scotland or at an Internet kiosk in the airport. Welcome to a new freedom of mobility.

Our webmail implementation is intended to be powerful and feature rich, yet simple to use and fast on a slow connection. You can manage folders, read and compose emails, send and receive attachments and import your address book. The system also provides a calendar and a spellcheck function in different languages and also lets you customise many display and functional properties. Have a look at the following screenshots to get a better idea.

Webmail Inbox Webmail Compose
Inbox Compose
Webmail Calendar Webmail Spellcheck
Calendar Spellcheck